Horse Training

Horse Training is offered at Buffelsbosch Equestrian to horses that are stabled with us. It is very important that a relationship is built between the trainer and horse and that is why this service is only offered to Livery clients.

Carol van der Merwe heads up the horse training and has a 100% track record with meeting the clients requirements from their equine partner.

The following Training is available,

  • Backing of young horses
  • Schooling
  • Working with problem horses
  • Horse and Rider Bonding

For Riders looking to build a relationship with their equine partner Heartfelt Horsemanship offers the following services,

  • Starting (backing and training of basics)
  • Performance Training (Specialising in Western disciplines)
  • Problem Solving (Biting, Kicking, Bucking, stable vices etc)
  • Horsemanship Instruction

Please feel free to Contact us should you require any specific training not listed above and we will try our best to accommodate you.

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