S.A.N.E.S.A Clinic Day


Join us on the 4th February 2018 as we welcome all riders to come and brush up their skills before the SANESA Competition kicks off for 2018.

There will be 3 disciplines on offer and we have selected 4 of the top trainers in each respective discipline to coach you on the day.

EQUITATION - Sarah de la Hey will be hosting the Equitation Clinic and will spend time going through the finer details of the discipline to improve each rider's understanding and riding ability of what the judges are looking for in equitation.

Dressage - Rhonda Munro will be hosting the dressage clinic and will be assisting each rider in understanding the art of dressage and working with each rider to improve the aspects of there riding where they can easily score higher in a dressage test.

Showing - Robyn Berry & Gill Liddemore will be hosting the Showing Clinic and have a wealth of knowledge between them to work with riders in a discipline that is not always understood or popular due to a lack of understanding in the sport of Showing. For those that choose to attend this clinic you will be all be pleasantly surprised in the amount of work and finesse that goes into Showing & will most certainly look at competing in showing in the future.


Ground Levy - R100.00 (per horse)
Medic Levy - R50.00 (per rider)
Per Discipline - R200.00

You may do more than one clinic on the day and will only pay the clinic fee as ground levy is once off per horse and medic levy is once off per rider.

The restaurant will be open and Bass fishing will be on offer at our dam at R90.00 per person fishing. There is a kids play area to ensure the little ones are entertained during the course of the day. Spectators are welcome to attend however please respect the trainers and riders attending each clinic by keeping noise levels down when near the arena's.

For more information and entry forms please feel free to contact Ryan on 083 434 2421 or email ryan@buffelsboschequestrian.co.za